The relationships in our lives fill our soul, they make us laugh, cry and everything in between.  The moments of heart-ache, and an aching heart, the times of shear love, of family, friends forever in our lives in this world or the next…

As a father, I have one shot as being the very best example of how to be a responsible, loving, and selfless human being to my kids.  We are their reference, their benchmark, and for us; they are our inspiration.

We talk a lot about cultural differences around the world.  Yet, for me it is not about dividing our world by culture, it is about bringing our world together by loving without conditions, without prejudice or pity.  Every single day we have the chance to change someone’s life.  A simple smile, a handshake, a trading of eyes that shows that person that for that very small moment in time, they are in our thoughts.

Its Father’s day in a couple of weeks, it’s a special day, not for me, but for my kids.  In fact, for all the kids, it’s a day where as a dad I get to show them how to be loved unconditionally and not to settle for second, or third best.

I’m probably half-way through my life by now, but in reality I refuse to think there is an end, how we live, we love and the people we touch each and every day makes us all immortal.  This is the gift of the soul; this is what life is all about…

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