Happy New Year

The year 2013 is almost over.  Get out your resolution lists from this time last year and see what you have achieved.  Don’t be too worried if you haven’t made it, be more concerned with enjoying the snapshots along the way.  Our families and friends share our joys, hopes and fears.  Make sure you make time to share theirs…

Be present when people talk to you, show empathy when they are hurting.  Find time to laugh at yourself, tell someone you love him or her every single day.  Enjoy what you do, if you don’t, fight like no other to change it.  Protect your body, but make your heart vulnerable.

If you have food, shelter, and your health then you are better off than many people around the world.  Be grateful; if you celebrate your life with a religion allow others to celebrate their own way.  If you don’t, do the same!

Lisgar Gardens

Lisgar Gardens

Share a meal with a friend, leave your phone in your pocket, talking is the best way to build or mend a friendship no matter who it is.  Write things down, our minds will eventually fail, our words will not.  If you broke it, you can fix it.

Enjoy every struggle, challenge the way you do things, and open you heart and soul to all of life’s diamonds.

Happy New Year everyone, aim just a little bit higher than you are confortable with!

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