The Wheels are Turning….

The wheels are turning…

I was caught in the rain last weekend, turning the wheels, rotating the distance between the now and where I wanted to be.  I try and ride 2-3 times a week, but the schedule tends to pull me up.

Difference is now, the mind is rotating even if I am not pedalling.  The fog is gone, the darkness still comes, but I own it.  Even the longest journeys will seem like a distant memory eventually.  The toughest struggles will fade as brighter days mend the mind.

We connect physically from the start, we find a channel – a way of joining the dots we built in our mind of our own expectations, short comings, and desires.  In the end, it is the heart, mind and soul which take on the real hard work.

Jason Owen - Scott FOIL

Jason Owen – Scott FOIL

Try to open your mind enough to not ignore those knocks on the metaphoric door when they come, and they will come!  Tell me really, what have you got to lose in offering a fools love.  Throw down the gauntlet to yourself, you will never convince me if I know you are not convincing yourself.

Learn to sit in silence, learn to breath – to breath life into your world.  You own it!  Nobody else…

For me now, its all about keeping the wheels rotating….the music runs loud, the heart races, and the challenge to prove all the negativity a hapless victim of our unbridled conviction…


Cover photo by Steven Markham Photography

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