Fathers Day

Today is fathers day in Australia.  A day to celebrate who your dad is, or if you are a dad to enjoy time with family and friends.

To all the dads, the new and old, to the ones no longer here.
To their strength, their conviction, and their love.
To the ones that will spend time with their children today
To the ones that cannot, and to the ones that have lost…

To the ones that kick the ball, that mow the lawn, and hold us till dawn.
To the way you make mum feel, to the way I felt when you where here.
To the dads that left us recently, and to the ones just earning their stripes!

To the women that support them, to the ones they love the most.
To my daughter and my son, to their mum whom without, there would be none.

To my dad, a life of service, a man who lost one of the best.
To my girl who supports me, and drives me to be above the rest…

Happy fathers day lads, happy or sad, together or alone, it Is a day to think of the miracle of our children and rejoice in the look in their eyes when they first entered our world.


Cover Photo by Steven Markham Photography

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