Fresh Air

Everywhere around us there is fresh air, not the stuff we breath but the soul of life and all its power for which we are connected like a flower in a field.

I find this air in many places, and one of the most common is in people’s eyes.  They tell us so much if we are just prepared to open our hearts and listen to our very core, our spirit.  I can tell you I love you, I am disappointed in you, I can’t live without you, and I know I will never see you again just by the way I speak through my eyes.  The fresh air, or the good stuff, fills us with happiness, joy, love, and a comfort knowing we are alive and part of this universal world that is nothing short of a miracle to behold.  Let your eyes speak of the wonders of your life, of family, friends, and your spirit for life.

Music is my other favourite form of fresh air, it has all the power to change my mood, to drive me, upset me, and keep me focused.  My sub-consciousness almost pre-determines what I need to listen to in order to get on with the day.  It makes a long sigh turn into the feeling you get when you first lay down in bed after a long day…Music has a never ending, almost translucent form that washes over you, yet takes a part of you on the ride.  Try to let it happen, the right music will take you to a beautiful place where your heart melts and your life stands still for just a moment.  Just long enough to take in that fresh air.

Steven Markham Photography

Steven Markham Photography

My partner often says to me, ‘why are you staring at me’, my reply, ‘just looking at you’.  I am reading, studying your every move, blink, breath, emotion, presence.  To have someone who you can sit in silence with and exchange feelings of love, passion and selflessness is one of life’s pure pleasures.  Every now and again its good to turn the eyes back on myself, a bit of reflection to pull out the bits that I want to keep forever.  The fresh air!

It’s winter here in Sydney Australia, the nights are cold but the house is warm.  There is no open fire, yet the fire burns, there is no banquet, yet a lifetime of sustenance, it is home, it is where life lives…  A year ago I started my own physical revolution, since then I have lost around twenty kilograms, with eight to go.  This is the home run, the final push over the final hill.  All I need is a few good gulps of fresh air and I am off…

Enjoy your weekend people, stay safe, and hold on tight we only get one shot!

Photo’s courtesy of Steven Markham Photography

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