Glass half full…

It has been several months since my last offering. No excuses, but life been a little hectic and I am still getting used to the commitment of a blog to be honest.

I gladly give up most of my spare time to spend with my children when I have them. It has been almost twelve months since the kids moved away from my area to start their new life with their mums new partner.

I am doing my best but now realize that I may need to follow as my son is starting to play up and unfortunately it seems like he is not getting the male attention he needs from his step dad. My conundrum is of course do I leave my partner, my friends and support network or do I continue to be a constant in their lives whilst their mum moves every couple of years. It may just be that they may come to me willingly if this continues to happen…life could be a whole lot worse, but the emotional heartache is something that I can feel is wearing me down…

On a lighter note I am doing a History unit this semester covering early Modern Europe. It fascinates me how there are some stark similarities between now and 500 odd years ago. I have always wanted to learn more about the plight of women through the middle ages and hopefully this unit will enlighten me.

Whatever religion you are, whatever faith you follow, the strongest love is found in a woman’s heart. Only then will you find your heaven…

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. – Maya Angelou.

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