For love, there is no tomorrow…

If only the dog next door would stop barking 🙂

Oh how we moan about our day, and the challenges we think are worthy of brain matter and conversation.  Is there one sure way to force us into reflecting on what could be nothing more than a blip on the emotional radar!  Are we capable of consistently being able to keep that glass half full?  For those people that can do this, you are truly blessed…

Most of us ride the daily sine wave of highs and lows, with some looking more like a cliff than a slide.  It has taken me nearly three years to even want to start writing some of my thoughts down.  Three years since my marriage disintegrated, and three years since I was the primary male figure in my kids lives…this alone is something I feel will take me even longer to find the words that will put this into perspective.

Wine & Cheese, 2008

Wine & Cheese, 2008

Today I have taken as a study leave day, yet thus far all I have done is clean my house.  Its funny how some days you wake up ready to smash through the days objectives, yet the next find yourself left wanting for the urge to even get out of bed.  I am now building my own mental picture of what makes me get motivated, whether it be, music, food, companionship, weather, or health.  I know enough about myself to realize that I am not happy unless I have a plan, and I mean in my work and domestic life.  When it comes to love I actually prefer spontaneity fed by a healthy dose of demonstrative affection.  If you look at it with a positive perspective, its a bit like having fun whilst trying to nail jelly to the wall 🙂

My friends still ask me if I still love my wife, very few get the real answer, and really it is me that doesn’t want to admit it, yet I am unsure what exactly I am afraid of!  Of course I still love her….I married her…we have two beautiful children, part of me will love her forever because of the kids alone.  Understanding the partner that is dumped point of view when kids are involved is something worthy of serious study.  Understanding whether you miss your family or your wife is the biggest question of all.

My goal here is to impart the selflessness in love, the family over everything equation, and the importance of having control of your own destiny.  If my kids can grow with this mindset from their dad (me) then I would have achieved some good…
My wife used to tell me that I told her I loved her too much, that it came to mean nothing….I am still lost on that, I still believe in that practice if that’s what you truly believe.  For love, there is no tomorrow, there is only and will only ever be right now….

Happy ‘Every’ Day….

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