Life is no Rehearsal…

Well, a week has passed and I am trying to remain motivated to keep this blog up.  I have never been a ‘gunna’ and don’t really want to start now…

Yesterday brought to the forefront a regular yet undeniably uncomfortable reminder that I live alone.  My kids had departed after their fortnightly sabbatical and it was a quiet eeriness that have taken over the house like some sort of invisible fog.  It is a regular pattern that I am trying to adapt to and one that normally ends up with a couple glasses of red helping me wind down for the start of the new week.  My son clung to me all weekend, and although he is monstering his mum at home, he mostly plays the game during his time with me.  How do I support what my ex-wife is trying to do with discipline yet allow my son to bond with me whenever he wants.  I simply don’t have the heart to say no to a cuddle from either of them…

Last Friday brought a stark reminder that managing people can have its absolute lows, luckily for me I have a very supportive executive and enough gusto to tackle these issues head on.

My current semester of study is nearing its end with the final assessment due Friday week.  I have no idea what the content will be as the questions are only released this Friday giving us a week to knock out 3 x 1500 essays.  At this point I am on target for a Credit which I am happy with considering how many hours I put into my work…

Off to Perth today, back tonight, literally on the ground for about 4 1/2 hours before heading back.  I have about 120 pages to get through in my text book so 8 odd hours in a plane today ought to be enough to get through it 🙂

Finally, and to finish on a bright note.  It is only ten sleeps until I get the kids again…

Bright chilly day people, up and at em…life is no rehearsal….

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