Order out of Chaos…

So is it love, fitness, removing alcohol, focusing on study, or fixing my financial woes….which pile of poo today!
Which one will allow me to gain enough momentum to conquer the next.  Order out of chaos…

I refuse to entertain the word depression although I know I’m swimming in it.  In fact all I need to do is find the closest shore and make for it.  I think I will day dream for a little longer…

Even 99% of positive energy can be ruined by 1% of laziness.

The kids are here in four sleeps, surely that’s enough to get me focused, surely that’s enough to reignite what I am know I am capable of.  I need to erase the bad bits and harness the good ones. Ill keep writing maybe it will come to me if I waffle enough 🙂

Tell your partner you love them every day, who cares if they get sick of it.  One day it will stop regardless…

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