A Family Reflection…

Well as Xmas draws near I am facing a first, a first even at fourty years of age, a father of two and somewhat a traveller..

Tomorrow I will play best man for my father in his wedding. My father, and his new bride to be, both intend to exchange vows in a garden setting amongst family and friends. As I reflect on what brought them together and the path they have travelled over the past few years it reminds me that people’s happiness is paramount. The rigidity of our lives, the customs, rituals, and faiths we bind ourselves to can be just as comforting as well as constrictive to our daily well being.

I have already spoken on how the love of a woman can really change the way a man looks at life, I can see this effect on my father and indeed all around them when they visit. It is like an aura, one you can almost smell and touch, yet to the mind an emotional wave that pushes everything else to the periphery. With both my father, and his bride to be losing their first marital partners in death, I can only summise how time, support, and unconditional love would allow people to shine through what must be a very traumatic time.

Many people have asked me how I feel about my father re-marrying and how I think my own mother would feel. I offer the same response here as I have in the past…’who are we to challenge who you love, who is anyone to seek to change a destiny that was found in broken hearts, selflessness, and honesty. Should any of us fail in this, then surely we have failed at love ourselves’.

On a completely positive note, my eight year old daughter and I have been practicing a song to sing at the wedding. For me, it will be a magic moment to share the gift of music with my daughter, family, and friends on such a happy occasion.

Merry Xmas everyone, whatever your faith…

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