Happy New Year…

NYE Sydney Harbour 2012

NYE Sydney Harbour 2012

As the new year draws closer, I reflect on what the past twelve months have brought us all.

We have seen birth, marriage, and even death, but for those of us still yet to realise their mortality I ponder your fears and goals, your heartache and your joy. This ‘human condition’ that we are blessed with is equally as difficult as it is enlightening, as we are able to experience the greatest joys in life, like love, children, and an internal sanctity that we feel when we know we have done good.

Everyone has their challenges in life, and nothing ever stays the same for too long. For those of you who are troubled right now, resolve yourself for a brighter future, make no excuses and reveal no enemies. Instead, be humble for what you do have, rejoice in what life’s blessing are and focus on what is good.

For me, I simply look forward to sharing another year with my loved ones, my children, my family and friends. How we share our lives helps us leave a little of us behind when we are not present. How we live our lives helps us grow and take in all that the world has to offer.

Today I reflect on a couple of people who are no longer with us, my mother and my mentor Don. Even though several years have passed, my heart still hurts and tears still flow when I think of their loss. I am strong enough of mind not to let it conquer me, but occasionally I let it go, for every now and then its good to have a good emotional purge…

I found that by counting the bright stars in the sky you will never run out of objects to find, this same philosophy is how I intend to live my life: no matter what you have seen, experienced, or felt, there is always another view to behold, another heart to connect to, and another offering of selflessness that we can all afford even in the poorest of times.

Hold your loved ones close tonight, even if they are not with you.

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