Rainy Day…

Martin Place, Sydney 1937

Martin Place, Sydney 1937

I thought passion fueled love, but what really makes that fire burn is the string attached to your heart and soul. The one that cannot be refused when you see, think, glance, or even mentally break formation for the person you hold close to your heart…

This bond not easily created, is yet harder to break or even fracture. The force of love when as a man, you fall helplessly for a woman that wakes you at night yearning for anything from them…a word, a breath of their air, a touch of their skin, the excitement in sharing that same space in time, that one that will never ever be repeated, is surely what each and every one of us desires, yet cries when we attain.

Steel your heart and mind for the love of that woman that will forever hold your heart, mind, and inner being for a whirlwind of love eternity…a glimpse into heaven on earth, a place to share your fears, joys, and life unbounded…

You’d tell me wouldn’t you…

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