No time, we must…

I hope I am not the only one that purposely seeks out music that will make them cry when they are feeling down.  Why do we do this?  Why would we want to make ourselves cry when we are already feeling distressed or emotionally vulnerable?  Is it an underlying need to purge, or is it a psychological desire to allow ourselves to fall into the hands of one of our passions.

For me, music has been my wingman throughout all of my life, the good, bad, and ugly.  Music has allowed me to drift off to a far-away land, a place where my troubles are reconciled, my half-dreams are played out in reality, and my sorrow is unavoidably put on show.  I guess I am in some ways, lucky, that I live alone.

I can honestly say that over the past ten years I have noticed two distinct changes in my emotional armour.  The first dent was the birth of my children, the second the loss of my marriage.  Since then, the vulnerability of my emotions is a little more of a juggling act.  I have watched news stories that once upon a time would never bother me, where-as now, they leave me completely open.  Its a journey, and occasionally the fog ahead clears just in time to see the next bend allowing some preparation, mostly though it is a life full of ‘no time’, and ‘we must’.

Love blessed me this weekend, I was able to share most of it with a beautiful girl.  She is in my thoughts now as I write, I wonder what song I will play for her….

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