The Foreverness of Love

I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting this effort.  If one person can gain something out of my experience then it is all worth it.

Love is such an intangible thing, you can feel it, yet you cannot touch it.  You can immerse yourself in it, yet struggle to escape it.  Time, sometimes is your worst enemy, yet on the other hand, time can be exactly what you need.  The angle of a smile, a moment caught eye to eye, a simple movement of the wrist can leave you wandering into a forever-ness of your wildest dreams.  Once you have had the taste on undying love, that raw emotion of not being able to breath without knowing where your heart is.  Of your heart falling into your stomach when the phone rings or a glance, or just a smile is returned.  That moment will remain forever, the smell, even though it is without scent leaves your soul grasping for another fleeting chance to make your helplessness seem so obvious yet with no idea of consequence.

Tear down your wall, pour honey not salt, burn a fire that draws in your last breath, your last effort to not fall hopelessly in love.  Start the dream, and regardless of what others think, take it where your heart and soul tell you.  Common sense has no place in the game of love, as there is nothing common about a love between two people…

There is a story to tell, a world to experience and a life to live.  Tell me, what exactly are you waiting for!

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