BLOG Stats…..

Hi everyone….

Thought I might share some stats with you guys with regards to this BLOG.

The top ten nations for visitors to my BLOG are;
Ireland, Algeria, Greece, UK, Canada, Australia, Iraq, New Zealand, South Korea, and Italy.

The top ten cities are;
Dublin, Kilkenny, Algiers, Athens, Cork, Galway, Wahran, Limerick, Constantine, Baghdad.

The top native languages are;
English, French, Arabic, Greek, Polish, Italian, Korean, Spanish.

All the colours of the world

All the colours of the world

Men are 52% of the total audience with 18-24 year old’s the biggest group across both men and women.  For the girls surprisingly it is 13-17 year olds.  I wonder if they are children of parents who are divorced or separated.

I might do a bit of a survey in the next few months to learn a little bit more about all of you.  I reckon we could all learn a little from understanding just how much in common we have with people regardless of where we are from.

In total there are people from 47 nations engaging is this BLOG.

Very happy, have a great day guys 🙂


Photo by Steven Markham Photography;

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