Bee’s and Honey

In every part of your life, you will meet people who are either momentum makers or, momentum breakers.  For me I have always subscribed to the mantra of, ‘you get more bee’s with honey’, and now in Russia this is evermore relevant.  Whilst the transition to the Paralympics is almost upon us, I think it is important to still stop and smell the roses.

So much of the time when we spend months away from home we get lost in our loan little worlds and become quite insular.  In fact, I tend to do it on purpose so I can manage my own demons about being away from my family or loved ones.  The trick here is to find balance, to find the right amount of individualism coupled with the right amount of teamwork.  Events like this do not happen unless a team of people make it happen.  Technology is the vehicle, but people are still driving…

Melbourne Skyline 2006

Melbourne Skyline, VIC 2006

I am still learning about Russia, it is very different from Australia.  It has a very different history and I think a very different future, at least for the next few generations.  I can see people are tired, emotional, and because of this tend to fall into the introvert stage, either that or become quite narcissistic.  Either way, our challenge is to remain focused on the team and, the games.

This job is allot like a relationship.  It requires all the same elements, well except unquestionable love of course!  You need momentum, you need teamwork, you also need individualism, you need bee’s and you definitely need honey.  When you think of love, of the person you want to be or know you can be, remember your history, remember that everyone has one and only they know how it feels to walk in those shoes.  Some of you will subscribe to a higher power and that your life is determined by that higher power, some of you will feel that you are in charge of your own destiny.  Our modern world..( a loose term sometimes) allows ‘most’ of us the freedom to chose our faith, our way of life.  For those that don’t, team-humanity needs to step up.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Humanity has its own divinity, or another way, is its own source of divinity.  For me I will continue to layer on the honey, if you look past the eyes there is a little piece of heaven in everyone’s soul. The trick is to build a world that allows everyone to see it within themselves first.  How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time….

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