Learning selflessness

Is it a quality we learn, or one we are borne with? Is it a condition we adopt only after having faced our own demons or tragedy’s, or is it bred into our DNA, a feature; an encrypted part of our psyche that works as much as an un-told blessing as a weakness exposing our window of vulnerability…

Our quest tonight, is to unpack this soul-changing, life-enabling feature that I feel underpins much of our ability to finding internal happiness.

In the western, modern, free market world, humans, by our physically common, yet socially diverse nature are shaped into selfish beings. Individualism has taken over community, commercialism has cost us moral compass, our ability to serve without reward, and in general our adaptation of reality.

We are a society of watching each other, of litigation, of blame, yet little internal reflection, and acceptance of ensuring we mark the day in what is negative and a positively self-destructive drive to our long-term inability to exhibit empathy.

Come in selflessness. Welcome to the room a quality found all over the world. Leave race, colour, religion, gender, at the door; we are all capable of this almost divine quality. Do charity without acknowledgement, be it personal to a friend or family member, or via a third party. It matter not how you might serve the others around you, the important part is that you help others knowing it may never be returned. Here’s the pitch, and this works regardless of what religion you are, (yes having no religion is virtually another religion in itself, so you are included as well). “Your unconditional offering of charity is the greatest gift you can offer a stranger!”

Being just yourself can be the difference to someone else who is struggling to find themselves, and knowing that you had a hand in offering someone a hand when they needed it most is food for your selflessness, just keep it to yourself. Keep it in your heart, it will foster into happiness…

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