You can conquer the darkest places in your mind if only, you learn to open your eyes…

Strength is it that you need? Then learn to control whats inside, what goes on outside is for the real looneys!

Some words may be too hard to pass, for feelings, anger, or even frustration of the unknown.  It really is one step at a time, maybe even one word, a smile, a single moment of happiness that grows.

We each are blessed with a life, no it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to work it out.  Is it a race? No! Take the blessing of each day, let it make your heart smile.

Suck in those big breaths, yes the tears will come.  They need to…just let it all go..all of it…

Pray if that’s your thing, sing, write, cry, sleep, yes sleep…your body will love you for it.

Every battle has its own form, and only the combatants really understand the fight in its rawest nature .  Embrace it, grow from it, and who cares if you make a fool of yourself!  Love is love…

Our feelings are a big cake, paint a picture of what you want that cake to look like from the inside out.  Search long and hard for those key ingredients, there will only be a few I can assure you.  You nail those, and your cake will shine from within.

Today is like any other day, but you; you are exceptional, and that’s what makes this day the best so far.

Peace to all of you, it starts within…patience!


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