The Written Word

The written word takes us to another place, it can transform our mood, our motivation and our faith.

Even with all the electronic gadgetry we have in the ‘modern’ world, it is the simple book that can heal our wounds or grace us with thought provoking stimulus.  My personal book collection to grows, I just love the feel of a real book, sure I do plenty of reading on my IPAD and laptop, but for the real deal I seek out a book that will take me to where I want to be.  It’s a bit like music, sometimes we want to get into a certain mood, music can easily do this, and so can reading.  By shaping your content choice you can go from bartering in a market in Istanbul, to Scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean, to falling in love all over again.

Like most things, we really don’t embrace them fully until we make ourselves vulnerable to their meaning.  Be it music, reading, or simply looking into your own soul.  I suspect it will be a life long journey for me and one that I will never master, yet I am certain that our lives can be so much richer for learning to listen, to love, to empathise, and to share.

Both my kids read, especially my daughter.  I myself was a late-in-life reader and its something that I feel I will never ever have enough time to do.  I truly do think it is one of the most personal gifts you can give someone, it shows that you know it will make them smile.

For me I am currently reading Peace of Mind: Becoming Fully Present by Thich Nhat Hanh which I picked up at Sydney Airport some time ago.  As quoted, “it brings together ancient wisdom and contemporary thinking”.

The house is quiet, it is dark, my heart rate just on 50 now.  Peace, where ever you are…

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