Will you ever understand what happened that day? The day that we all fell, we all lunged into the darkness.

I feel my self falling through the rain, down the side of a mountain yet never reaching the end, its like a window into another world, a world where you steer your dreams.

Those familiar, safe smells of life, memories of childhood and the sheer excitement of that first kiss.

For god touches me when I stand up, when I reach for the sky and the rain falls. It takes away all the pain, it soothes. From it the flowers bloom, the birds sing, and the earth breathes.

I wish I could capture it, could write of all my thoughts, but the words are stuck, I see them but they pass too quick to write them down…

Campfires, talcum powder, a lamb roast, shaking hands with your girlfriend’s father, fears or my own immaturity, my helplessness?

I thought music was for dancing, and it is, but for me it truly is a time machine…

I am drawn to the mountains, was I there is a previous life? Should I be there in this life? There is a bond there that I cannot escape. My children feel it, they never want to leave.

Adagio in G Minor for Strings and Organ…

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