Pennies into Pounds Make

Pennies into Pound make…

For some time now I have no longer been a father without a family. In fact I am blessed to have my own blended family. My own stepdaughter, and whole new support network that both my partner and I rely on day2-day. I am blessed, and even as I sit here in silence with just he sound of some peaceful music touching my ears, I can feel the love, the warmth, the emotion and stillness of contemplation.

I also have my own children, that even though live quite a distance from me, are just the miracles of my life. I train with my son every Monday night in Taekwondo, I talk to my daughter every couple of nights for 20-30 minutes about her day, my day, what we are having for dinner and all sorts of silly stuff. Make time to talk to your children, turn off Facebook, turn off all that self-centred rubbish and just talk to them.

My study is back on track, my new job is just awesome, and my spiritual side is finding its feet. Life is turning, no that’s wrong…life has turned! It’s taken a long time, a lot of hard work, and most importantly, allot of support from my closest friends and family. Some I see every day, some I don’t see that often anymore, and some I wish I saw more of. Some live in the same suburb, some on the other side of the planet. Some are crazy, and some are normal, whatever that means these days J. They all count, they all play a part…

If you have been following my blog for some time you will know that this has been a journey. A path that has been difficult, yet a path that you can live through! Its all there, you just need to persevere! If you’re new to this blog, scroll all the way down, start at the beginning and see where my head and life was at back then. I was in trouble; and I was not a very nice person…but I made it out and so can everyone else!

So if you are wondering what the reference to the title of this post is and my current state of mind, it’s quite simple. Start with the most basic positiveness in your life and grow it. Bank some goodness every day you can, and one day you will have pounds. Pounds of love, of support, of true happiness and a way to look back at those days of depression, anxiety, or whatever post traumatic syndrome you are suffering and say, phew! I never want to do that again…

So where to from here! Where does this blog go?

Well that is also quite simple…

Blended families have their own challenges, being a step dad, my partner being a stepmom to my two and the joy that brings us all. My ex-wife and I are also going through mediation at the moment. It’s a process that will take some months, and one that I will not comment on until it is complete. I hope to give you some feedback what’s it like, and how it might benefit those of you that may be considering it.

So in reality, I have plenty more to talk about; I would love each and every one of you to join me on this journey. It is my life, my dreams, my passions, and my heart felt feelings.

I will leave you with this seeing as it is Mothers Day here in Australia today…

Be benevolent in the sharing of your love, be enlightened by your god, be compassionate with your time, and be open to accepting everyone’s journey. How does this relate to mothers day?

Mothers are the givers of life, they are eternally benevolent in their love, their god enlightens them when they give birth to their children, and they are compassionate to the end…. They are, the divine feminine…

Happy mothers day mum, RIP xxx.


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  1. When we give birth and hold our newborn in our arms we see a future we hope they can achieve but life is full of unexpected challenges and things change. We have to let go and hope that what we have taught our children will enable to make the decisions that are right for them. Some times there is failure but from this lessons are learned and life moves on. Jason, you have been on a journey and invited us along, thank you for sharing and I am glad to see a silver lining ahead for you and your blended family. You can be proud of what you have achieved and I know that there is a Mum in heaven who is bursting with pride for the man her son has become.

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