21K.  A meaningless number, a sizeable amount of cash, or maybe something much more simple.  A seat on a plane…

People watching has been a pastime of mine for many years, I find it fun to try and work people out just by a studying their mannerisms, their clothes, what they eat, drink, etc.  For the past 30 odd hours I have been in transit from Sydney to Sochi, Russia.  On my flight from Dubai to Moscow I had seat 21K, a window seat, so a room with a view.  Beside me I had a young Russian couple, in front a Muslim family, in the row adjacent an Australia man mountain, with a Russian grandmother next to him.  Talk about a mixed bag!

My seat gave me a point of view, a window into the world of everyone else on the plane that day.  My view would be different even for the person right next to me, and again for the person next to them.  If you have ever seen Dead Poets Society you will understand the reasoning behind attempting to take on different points of view.  To question why, and how.  If you haven’t seen this movie, do it, it’s an absolute cracker and one that will make you think.

A Father Without a Family

A Father Without a Family

I thought about my recent holidays with my children, my time alone with them and our time together in a blended family.   They are both amazing people and leave me completely helpless when it comes to appreciating what I do have.  Yes I have lost, I have lost allot.  But I have also won, I won the love of my children, the look in their eyes tells all.  The way my son runs to me from no matter how far away he is every single time he see’s me.  My daughter who hugs me and rubs my arm telling me she loves me.  This is the stuff worth living and fighting for.  This is why you fight like hell to beat depression, or tackle head on your anxiety, or weight loss, or substance issues.

I take allot of photos, sometimes it’s what keeps me going when I am far away.  I can reach out and touch them, I can be there, be taken to the moment that snapshot in time was captured.  I thought about my future, my current goals and the one I hold closest to my heart.

Seat 21K could be any seat on any plane; it could be you travelling on your own path to a destination.  The metaphor here is that regardless of how you get there, whatever motivation, fire, or drive gets you to the next boarding, you are all about you to make it happen.  I stared out the window for a while, day dreamed a heap, and it felt great.  Surrendering to your fears or thoughts can help you get through some of the pent-up pieces of the puzzle that may be getting to you right now.  Remember, there is other seats on the plane, there are also other people travelling to the same destination as you, their view is different but the end game is the same.  Why not share some of your journey with them; you might get a peak into their world, or their view at the same time.

I am Russia now; I will be here for four weeks before heading to Germany for a week.  There doesn’t always have to be a better way to do things, but there is always a different way to do things.  Don’t be afraid to fall over, we are human!

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