The Mortal Trinity

Over the past 5 years, my journey through divorce has led me through some mental and physical challenges.  The biggest certainly being depression, anxiety and all the side affects of those conditions.  The last six months have seen a change in the way I manage those parts of my being and being able to consider the third part of what I call our mortal trinity; the spiritual side.

If you think about our complete person as a human being, there are three parts; the mental, physical, and spiritual.  These are all co-dependant in certain ways yet can also be addressed individually if you really have the focus, and support of those around you.  In hindsight I now realise I should have immediately focused on the spiritual as it is now the weak link and one that is holding back the other two from reaching their full potential.  I guess that’s what makes everyones journey their own…

The Christ Church Cathedral - Newcastle

The Christ Church Cathedral – Newcastle

Today I went to church, I opened my mind to something that I have generally pushed aside for most of my life.  This last six months have seen a number of ‘light bulb’ moments that led to today’s expedition.  Meeting certain people, internal reflection, and the support of my family and closest friends.  The person I was, denied my being of any real spiritual freedom, the person I am today cannot ignore it.  I think that even at this very embryonic stage I know there is never really an end to the spiritual journey, well not at least while we are still breathing.  Am I looking for answers?  No not really, what I am looking for is how to best be a better person.  For me, that better person engages all three elements of our mortal trinity.

One of the key steps for me to open my mind to any sort of spiritual engagement meant I had to look at who I really was.  It took a while and quite a few sessions of trying to write it down in real words.  In the end I was over-complicating it…
What it really boils down is this; I am a father, a son, a partner, friend, and a human being.  Everything else that I am is really superfluous to these key elements.  Everything in my life is underpinned by one or more of these key elements.  So how do I become a better, father, son, partner, friend and human being?  Unconditional love, selflessness, and continually engaging my own mortal trinity.  I feel that with this focus all the other parts of who I am, the outside stuff, will flow.  Without the internals sorted the outside withers…

Montecassino Abbey - Italy

Montecassino Abbey – Italy

I am off to Perth this week for work.  I have given myself a stack of reading to do, some uni related, some info from Beyond Blue, and some stuff from church.

Where ever you are, and whatever god you believe in, I pray that you are in touch with your spiritual being.  Making yourself vulnerable to something you fear or don’t understand be can so rewarding, so enlightening when you realise you had nothing to fear in the first place.

Lastly, happy mothers day to all the mums.  True miracle workers, almost a divine being in their own right…

Photo’s of Newcastle Church by Steven Markham Photography;


Photo of Montecassino by me 🙂

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