Be Forever

Fought like a war where bullets are not needed, struggling to understand the pain, the drive behind why I feel like its all too hard.

I opened a door, a wall of fire, a place of emotional desolation had face planted me into the world I was. The world I drove myself into!

Family would rescue me; blood thicker than water would prevail. But would this ever address the core. The underlying reason of why! Why had I not delivered, not practised what I preached…

A lifetime, and then some could pass while I work out these conundrums.

Bradfield Park, Sydney

Bradfield Park, Sydney

We’re these the thoughts of a mad man? No not really, just someone with the passion to let the verbal fall out untouched in its rawest form. Sometimes its passion, more so now it’s the heart, mind and body reaching out to my consciousness telling me to speak. To write this stuff down before it disappears into the ether, into the past along with other reflections.

I am completely spellbound by the way I feel now. I see a world of broken people, of imperfect people who rush along to a destination that if nothing is but a means to an end. I haven’t cried in ages, like a week now. Undress all your vulnerability; tear open that envelope you promised yourself you could never face.

Take music, love, food, and family and embrace a world to enjoy, to behold whilst we pass through this life. Leave a mark, one that needs no introduction, no obituary, no marketing other than how you made other people feel.

Speak too people, not at them. Smile at strangers, would it really hurt to be nice to someone you don’t know? Of course not….

Write of your life, your fears, your passions, and most of all of those you love. Be demonstrative….be unforgettable, be forever…

Photo by Steven Markham Photography…

1 reply

  1. You’re writing is beautifulJason.
    You speak wisdom and dwell on a degree of perception not many ever experience.
    I live here. Always have.


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